Wraiths of the Corvidae

One Ooze's Quest for a TPK

Session 4

The group, having just lost the Sword of Might, decided to return to Shardspire in order to speak to Corvus. Choosing not to return the horse and cart that Kukua had… acquired… for them, they traveled for a day and a half, sleeping in the cart as they went.

It was dusk evening when they arrived to the Corvidae’s hidden town. The group tied the horse outside of everyone’s favorite tavern, Tavern. They then walked the two miles northward, a very dark night had set in. Using torches to light their path, as they found themselves staring at sets of eight, glowing eyes which were moving amongst the tombstones. The Wraiths, not trusting these potentially malicious entities, did not approach the graveyard, however, as the eyes were all some fifteen feet off of the ground. Silmarwen, using her Ring of Ranger’s Sight, shot an arrow past the creatures and was able to see that they were hounds, some nearing twenty feet tall, all composed of corpses.

The group tried various ways in order to move around the hounds, but the hounds seemed to be intelligent enough to see past the groups strategies. Kukua then remembered that there was an underground passage that the group had left through previously that exited at the very edge of the graveyard on its west side. Using this tunnel, the group was able to enter the church safely.

The group found that Corvus was not on his altar as he had been when they last had visited his church. Instead, there was only a familiar glowing symbol on its top. Activating the symbol, blue text illuminated around the top of the room and the crystal which Corvus had used to bring you back to the living appeared where the symbol had been. The text read:


It was no longer safe for me to remain here. I do not know what happened after you left but it seems that something horrible has occurred. I suspect that the Anchors of Existence are involved but I have little proof. My hope is that you encountered the Sword of Might which is protected by the lording family in Wainton. Aside from the sword I only know of the identity of one other. Silmarwen can explain to you what and where it is. I believe that that particular anchor is in the least amount of trouble, though, as it is heavily guarded by the elves. The sword is less so as Farlaghan – the god who was entrusted with the sword – took an approach of hiding it in plain sight. If you have not learned of its existence already, please do what you must to protect it. Afterward, I recommend that you continue your mission to Thros. D’Sparil attacked there almost three centuries ago and it is little known why. There was, in fact, a record of all five Anchors in a hidden chamber beneath the Basilica of St. Rosalia. It was an ancient secret and I doubt that even the King of Thyria knew of its existence. If it still exists, the chamber is likely well hidden and trapped.

I fear that I have little to offer you in the way of help at this point. Please take the blue crystal which was used to summon you back to this plane. In a time of need, it might be possible for me to channel my power through it. Such a task would surely destroy the stone, however.

I have thought long about why you appeared in this weakened state. I believe that there is some power beyond mine at work. I do not know if it is linked to my weakening as well, but the way the spell was cast you should have appeared as powerful as you were when you first performed the ritual.

Go quickly, then, Wraiths. I will lend my aid when able but I fear that much weight rests upon your shoulders.

Corvus (written in the code that the mysterious stranger uses)

Silmarwen snuck up to the top level of the church to see if they old priest who resided there was okay. She found the front half of the church caved in with the priest dead under the rubble. She returned below and let the group know. The group decided to wait out the night in the crypt of the church. Early in the morning, there was a high pitched howl that shook the ground. Everyone stayed put until dawn appeared.

Silmarwen scouted ahead of the group to check to see if the hounds were still present. Seeing that they weren’t there the group made their way to Tavern. When they arrived they found that the horse they had… acquired had been torn to shreds. The group, having lost their horse to what they could only guess to be the hounds, decided to head towards Thros.

After a two day walk north, they arrived at the mountain’s stone door which had been broken. There were footprints from what seemed to be some kind of small creature. They decided to enter. Upon entering the mountain Salvador decided to announce their presence by yelling out to anyone who was around. He was quickly silenced by his traveling companions who opted for a more stealthy approach. Finding nothing in the upper chambers the group decided to descend into the mountain to continue on their way to Thros.

While they were exploring the mountain they encountered a swarm of bats, a mimic (the chest), and a small group of goblins, who they assumed had left the tracks outside the mountain door. After these short battles, they decided to continue on their way. They came across several rooms with nothing more than a fireplace, a well, a table and chairs, and a bathroom. Each time the group settled in and recouped before continuing on.

After descending down deep in the mountain, they came to an open cavernous type of room. There were many slender ropes of translucent fluid hang from above. The group could not see where this was coming from because they disappeared into the darkness above. On the floor was the same translucent fluid in a large puddle, which extended the entire width of the cave. The group decided to throw something at it to see what happened. The object sank into the goo. The ropes instantly disappeared into the darkness and the ooze on the group slowly started creeping towards it. Through trial and error they found that Salvador’s ability to electrocute it worked best to damage it. After some time had passed, Nolan started getting restless and came up with a plan to use a bedroll to lay down on the slime and jump across to the other side. Before he could execute this plan, Kukua went for it. She got caught in the slime, and was burned by the slime’s acid and electrocuted by Salvador’s continued effort to electrocute it. After attempting to save Kukua, the whole group landed in the middle of the slime. Although it left Silmarwen untouched, the rest of the group was not so lucky. In the end, Salvador conquered the slime and the group carried on their way out of the mountain.

Once outside, the area seemed vaguely familiar to Nolan. They traveled down the mountain, and through a swamp without incident. They saw a farm in the distance and decided to stop there for information and direction on Thros. The farm was run by Elrick and his son. Elrick (who had what could only be described as an animatronic leg) had automatons which he had designed and made to help keep up with the work since it was only the two of them. Elrick fed and housed the group for the night, as well as gave the group new bed rolls. The next morning after thanking Elrick for his hospitality and information on Thros, the group was off again.

After another 2 days of walking, they all arrived at Thros. Outside the city walls the buildings and houses were all falling apart or had rotted away. Once they were closer to the wall they could make out a figure above. Salvador yelled out to the figure above, but when the group was spotted the figure above ran off. The group found this odd and quickly entered the gate. While making their way to the Basilica, they noticed an eerie silence. They did see a woman carrying firewood, but once she saw them she looked terrified, dropped the firewood, and ran off into an alley and disappeared. At this the group decided that something was wrong and that they should not be out in the open any longer. They made a dash for the Basilica ahead.

Once inside they could not find a soul. The building seemed to be in oddly good shape despite all the dust everywhere. The church was very beautiful and ornate on the inside. They searched for a bit and found a tomb with the name of a form member of the Corvidae. The symbol on their left hands was also on the tomb. Once it was open, there was a small narrow tunnel and they could not see what was ahead. Silmarwen decided to go down first. The tunnel turned into a steep slide and she found herself in a room adorned by a demonic statue in each corner and a door on the left wall. Nolan arrived quickly after, followed by Salvador and Kukua. The group quickly became frightened by the statutes, but seeing as how they could not easily climb back up the steep tunnel they decided to see what was behind the door.

Through the door the group found a dungeon with letters carved on the floor, a plethora of wooden doors, blood on the walls of one area that lead into an unnatural darkness, a room with a floating orb which electrocuted a bar of soap (which was tossed in by Silmarwen). They also found a creepy skeleton walking about, a block of ice with a scroll in the middle, a demon behind a portacolise, seeming empty room with a demon statue in it, large scratches on an area of wall, and a line on the floor with the words DO NOT ENTER painted on.

What will the group encounter next time? Will they be overrun with demons? Will someone cross the line that says, “Do Not Enter?” Will they figure out who the creepy skeleton is or what he wants? Join us at the next session in Davenport, IA at noon!


Character Session EXP Total
Kukua 3593 6867
Nolan 3593 7092
Salvador 3593 7067
Silmarwen 3593 6867

Experience Level Table


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