Wraiths of the Corvidae

The Other Kukua

Session 7

Choosing to cast worries of the Dread Lich, D’Sparil, aside, our party decided to take part in the festival of Lockboxing. Lockboxing is a three day festival with a theme each day.

Chestivus, the first day, is a day for people to go about the town of Avonbridge and purchase gifts for friends and family. These gifts are then placed into lock boxes which are then placed among the streets of the town.

Key Gifting is the second day of Lockboxing. During Key Gifting, keys are distributed from those who bought gifts to those who are meant to receive them. There are also a number or tournaments during this day. The winners of each tournament win keys to lock boxes which the town has put forth for the tournaments’ champions. It is common for nobles and wealthy patrons of the festival to sponsor competitors. These sponsors do so to create a name for themselves in an attempt to curry the crowd’s favor for the voting of Lockboxing King. The title of Lockboxing King is simply a status symbol and is a financial burden, as he (or she) pays for the town’s feast which takes place at the end of this day.

Lockboxing is the final day of the festival. At the start of this day, the Lockboxing King is presented with the choice of choosing two chests. One chest contains a magnificent prize while the other contains nothing. He may open one of these chests which starts the festivities for the day. The festival goers run throughout the streets searching for the lockboxes which their received keys open. Opening of the boxes continues for several hours. The remainder of the day is spent in leisure, celebrating with friends.

At the start of the day, our party exited Val’s Inn to find a dire wolf pup eagerly awaiting Silmarwen. She named the pup Fáelán and the group started prepping for the holiday.

Nolan, Salvador, and Kukua had several hundred flyers printed up with Salvador’s face upon them and distributed them around town in an attempt to promote him for the vote of Lockboxing King. Silmarwen procured ingredients to enter a baking competition and a place to bake and then proceeded to help the group promote Salvador. After all the flyers were distributed, the group found civilians to sponsor for events that they had no interest or time in entering.

On the day of Key Gifting each of our group went their separate ways to compete in the tournaments. Competitions of archery, baking, poetry, art, riddles, and hunting, were all won by various party members while the eating and marbles contests were won by people that the group had sponsored. The biggest event of the day, however, was the talent show. A spectacular performance consisting of many amazing magical acts resulted in the group winning the show. The Lockboxing feast then followed and when the identity of the Lockboxing King was announced, Salvador humbly accepted the honor. The announcement of the feast’s bill of 18842 gold, 6 silver, and 4 copper was an unexpected surprise, however.

The day of Lockboxing started with our Lockboxing King choosing and opening one of the two presented chests. The crowd held their breath as Salvador stooped and opened the chest on the right. He lifted the lid to disappointingly find nothing. The crowd laughed and cheered and then went on their ways to find their own personal gifts.

Towards afternoon the group heard an explosion nearby and saw citizens of the town running from its source. Our heroes leaped into action and ran down the street where the disturbance had originated. They rounded the corner to find Kukua… another Kukua… dressed in black leather armor with a black iron chain around her neck astride an undead elephant that was quite larger than our Kukua’s own companion. She laughed as she saw the group and explained that they knew nothing of the world they were in.

A battle commenced in which the group fought off the undead elephant and the evil Kukua as she transformed into a bear and dived into the fray. The group quickly dispatched the bear which ended up bleeding on the ground and transformed into a motionless, black-clad Kukua. The elephant was likewise killed in short order. Then, as our heroes stood looking at the dead druid, she started to float into the air and again became conscious and started to laugh maniacally. The crystal, which Corvus had used to resurrect our party and Salvador had lashed to a staff, began to glow and vibrate. Salvador stepped forward and struck the evil Kukua with the crystal, and the world seemed to change around them. Their colors of the world seemed to dim and a thin, red thread of energy exiting from the torso of the rising elf and arking high into the sky towards the northeast. Corvus, gigantic and ominous appeared in the sky about the battle site. Grasping the thread of energy arcing skyward in both hands, he rent it in two. The god of death then lowered his massive, taloned hand and reached into our Kukua and drew forth a similar thread of energy, blue and shimmering. Corvus then brought his hands together and joined the two threads, which turned into a dark shade of purple which quickly faded to grey. The world quickly shifted back to normal as the colors resumed their natural hues and the giant humanoid raven and the threads of energy vanished from view. The evil Kukua started screaming in pain and sank to the ground. Both Kukuas collapsed, dead, claimed by the god of death.

Silmarwen, Nolan, and Salvador looked around, stunned at what they had seen. The mysterious stranger known as Remnant stepped in line with the three surviving group members and said in an impressed tone, “Well… that was interesting.”


Character Session EXP Total
Kukua Deceased Deceased
Nolan 2800 12082
Salvador 2800 12067
Silmarwen 2800 11867

Experience Level Table


ValdyrDrengr ValdyrDrengr

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