Wraiths of the Corvidae

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Session 6

After transcribing the record of the anchors, the group was surprised to find that there were likely six anchors instead of five as Corvus had informed them when they first came back to life. The records translated as follows:

Pillar 1:

Pillar 2:
Mirror of Allure
Protected by Irori
[Line Destroyed]

Pillar 3:
Sword of Might
Protected by Farlaghan
Entrusted to the Mayorship of Wainton

Pillar 4:
Book of Acumen
Protected by Paletius
Entrusted to the Scholars of the Library

Pillar 5:
Crown of Judgement
Protected by Abadar
Entrusted to the Royalty of Thyria seated in Thros

Pillar 6:
Cloak of Swiftness
Protected by Erastil
Entrusted to the Corvidae under Corvus

The group left the demon prison beneath the Basilica of St. Rosalia, remembering to grab a small stash of gold from one of its trapped rooms on the way out. They re-entered the church and headed up to the roof to check out the nearby wall that corresponded with Kukua’s vision. Finding nothing upon the roof, they decided to head to ground level. When they exited the wicket door, they were signaled by a young woman.

Approaching the young woman, they were warned that they needed to leave town as there was a sorceress that had been seen recently in the city. This woman had not seen the sorceress, herself, but had heard that it was an Elven sorceress who would summon a great, black, undead demon and kill people. The young woman offered to take the group to a safe house with food if they needed but urged them to leave town as soon as possible.

Nolan’s raven kept watch through the night while the group slept in the safe house. Midway through the night, the group was awoken by the raven who had seen someone walking along the wall at the edge of the inner city. Everyone quickly ran up to the top of the wall and chased down the man who was apparently disconcerted at being chased. It turned out that this man was just a peasant who was scraping by in Thros. They did learn from this man, however, that the sorceress seemed to be taking up residence at the remains of the old castle at the center of the city. The group left the man and spend the rest of the night uneventfully in the safe house.

On the morrow, the group awoke and planned to confront this supposed sorceress. They made their way to the crumbled remnants of the old castle. The only thing that was still standing was two old guard towers. While one was very decrepit and obviously unlived in, the other seemed as if there had been some sort of magical occupant. Both, however, were effectively empty. The party decided to set a trap should the sorceress come back. This trap effectively consisted of Nolan distracting the old woman while Kukua tried to shoot her with bow and arrow from a window above. Should this fail, Silmarwen waited in ambush inside the tower with her bow and Salvador waited under the covers of the sorceress’s bed. Despite the ingeniousness of their plan, it only ended with Salvador shoving down an old woman who had come to loot the sorceress’s quarters.

This old woman had seen the sorceress walking away from town and had thus thought it safe to rifle through the sorceress’s chambers. Knowing that there was nothing in this town that interested them since the sorceress had left, the group departed to the west for the library, seeking the Book of Acumen. A three day trek through the grasslands of Thyria, a two day trudge through a swamp (during which Nolan found the remnants of his childhood home), and a half day’s journey into the mountains placed the team in Avonbridge.

Avonbridge is located at the intersection of several paths through the mountains. From Avonbridge, it is a ten mile hike northward through the mountains to the Library.

The Library lies high within the mountains between the countries of Kynas and Thyria. It is an ancient academy where scholars from the corners of the world seek to study. Much most any information can be found at the Library, but admission into its halls is extremely difficult. Therefore, few ever get to study from this most prestigious of scholarly establishments.

Upon entering Avonbridge in the early evening, the group found that there was an imminent festival called Lockboxing. Some 200 years ago, as Nolan recalls, was a simple peasants’ holiday in which commoners would give gifts to each other. Now, it seems that it is very much commercialized tradition which draws a large crowd every year. Salvador decided that the group should take a break from saving the world to participate in this holiday (because… you know… fuck the world). They headed to Val’s Inn, the nicest inn in town, where they discovered that a room was available for that night but no rooms were available during the festival. The group decided to worry about future accommodations later and spend the night in the penthouse.


Character Session EXP Total
Kukua 1250 9067
Nolan 1250 9292
Salvador 1250 9267
Silmarwen 1250 9067

Experience Level Table


ValdyrDrengr ValdyrDrengr

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