Wraiths of the Corvidae

Hunter's Moon

Session 9 - Written by Silmarwen

After we woke up in the library’s labyrinth and read all the materials needed, Kazan showed us a short cut out. We saw Renne, the head librarian, along with a group. They had seen the evil Nolan come out of the library but were not able to stop him. Knowing we had to catch up to him, we headed back to Avonbridge to find out which way he had gone.

We met with the mayor again who seemed a bit distraught. He had also seen the evil Nolan. The people in the town saw him heading south. We inquired about any travel arrangements that the mayor could help us with. He was unable to provide any, but pointed us into town where caravans were packing up from the festival to leave town. We were able to acquire passage with a small group headed east through the mountains to the country of Thyria, where we had passed through only a short time ago.

Before leaving town we got last minute supplies and stopped at the Inn for a nice meal before we continued our journey. While enjoying our meal Nolan noticed a strange man in the Inn. To our luck we discovered him to be Arden the tracker. We paid him to follow the evil Nolan and to send word to us in Yggdrasil Forest on any movement or strange activity he saw. After finishing our lunch and gathering all our belongings, we headed back to our caravan to start on the journey east.

We traveled several days, I serving as a lookout at the back of the wagon train along with my two animal companions. Salvador and Nolan stayed close to the group. Once we entered into Thyria, the mechanical horse pulling the first wagon came to a complete stop and would no longer function. The three of us had forgotten that we cause all the magic in Thyria to be unusable for two weeks. Salvador recommended that one person take the mechanical horse and go back to Avonbridge and wait out the remaining time of the anti-magic field since the horse was no use to us at this point.

After switching some of the oxen around, we continued our trek onwards to the farm owned by the old man and his young son. When we arrived all of his automata were not working from the non magic shield and the man and boy were no where to be seen. We started checking the buildings. In the house we heard faint crying coming from upstairs. It was the young boy, Ulath. Elrick, his father was badly ill with an infection we could not treat that stemmed from and anti-magic field reacting with his robotic leg. I had some of the troop go and get willow bark to help ease some of the man’s pain. The three of us sat with the boy, offering comfort to him as his father passed. We gave him a proper burial and it was decided that the caravan leader would take the boy in.

On our way back to the house the boy found a note and Salvador took it. It was note from Remnant warning of danger coming with the full moon. This time luck was not on our side, the moon was full. We did not know exactly what to expect, but we quickly headed back to the house to prepare after deciding being out in the open didn’t seem like a good plan. The caravan leader took the wagons, animals, women, and children to the cellar below the house using a crank elevator in one of the barns that connected to the house by means of a hidden tunnel. Meanwhile we got to work on blocking out all windows and easy entry points. As we started to finish our preparations, howling was heard in the distance. Nolan, Salvador, and I got to our places. We readied our weapons and braced ourselves for what we could only imagine to be werewolves.

Just as we thought, there was a pack of werewolves headed straight for us. Trying to think quickly I loosed a few of my magic fire arrows in the direction of the beasts catching some of the hay in the fields on fire. Only one was damaged. With the three of us being high up we had some time to take out a few of the wolves. Salvador used his magic to blast a few with fire as it seemed to hurt them fairly well. Nolan used his javelin and got one down. I continued to use my arrows. The werewolves didn’t seem to do well at climbing the front of the house, thank the gods! Salvador followed a few that disappeared around the back while Nolan and I took care of the ones we could see. Two finally got smart and climbed up onto the house’s 2nd floor balcony. It barged through the door on the opposite side of the hall and we readied ourselves as they started to come at our door.

My animals were by our sides ready to fight. As soon as we were able to see them, we took out one. The other was put into a hold by Nolan and I attacked. Together we took him down. After leaving those ugly beasts in the tub, we headed down stairs to find Salvador and the other werewolves. It was apparent something broke in, but must have left because there was no sign of the creatures inside. Nolan had headed down stairs to the cellar, I quickly followed, trailed by my wolf and leopard. Everyone else had fared well so far.

Soon we heard noise coming from above and a howl of pain as a werewolf most certainly fell into our pit of pain. Nolan and I ran and readied ourselves. We heard the werewolf barreling down the long tunnel towards us. We were able to finish it off before anyone was hurt. Salvador came down the tunnel towards us and filled us in on what had happened with the other werewolf. Relief was ours as we knew all of the werewolves had been destroyed. We had a brief moment of happiness before it was crushed by the sound of more howling in the distance.


Character Session EXP Total
Nolan 4075 19500
Salvador 3841 19242
Silmarwen 4533 20234

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