Wraiths of the Corvidae

The Maze of Kazan -or- The Penteract

Session 8 - Written by Silmarwen

After defeating the evil Kukua, we were surprised to find our travel companion Kukua to also be deceased. Remnant appeared and told us he’d meet us on the road to the Library, and quickly disappeared. Guards and towns people started to collect near us to see what had happened. After having a quick talk with the guards, we had both Kukuas’ bodies taken to the town hall to be examined.

The mayor was brought in to us to find out what had occurred in his town. After hearing the tale of how we saved the people, he dissolved the debt that Salvador owed from winning King of Lockboxing. Salvador’s burning question about the other chest was answered, it contained nothing. We were able to salvage a few items from both bodies and sold what we did not need. The chain that was around the neck of the evil Kukua was removed and taken with us. The mayor provided us with passage to the gates of the Library.

Once we arrived at the gate, Nolan was told he could not enter because he had been banished two weeks ago. We all found this odd because we were not here two weeks ago. The only way this could be possible is if Nolan’s evil other self had been here. We assumed he must have been trying to steal the anchor that is being kept here. After several plans were thought of for how Salvador and I could smuggle in Nolan, we thought we’d try a civil approach first. A note was sent to the head scholar, Renne.

Renne met us at the gate the next morning still refusing to let Nolan inside. After talking for a while, a guard ran to Renne claiming Nolan had broken into the Library. Renne had no choice but to believe us at that point because Nolan was standing in front of him. The three of us were taken inside quickly and headed for the vault. We were able to briefly ask Renne questions on the five minute elevator ride to the lowest point of the Library. Once we arrived, Renne left to ready the rest of the scholars for an attack, and we were left at a large locked door. Nolan had been carrying a key for quite sometime with no idea what it went to, but luckily we discovered it opened the locked vault door. We took note of the emblems on the door and entered.

To our surprise we entered into a maze. A maze of doors and changing rooms. As we journeyed through the maze we fought a pair executioner hoods, several lesser displacer beasts (one of which escaped), a shadow, and an assassin vine. We also encountered rooms with portals to other rooms, and rooms full of chickens, jellyfish, bats, and socks. We also found a room filled with water with a bubble in the middle, anti magic rooms, anti gravity rooms, and a room with mirrors. I refused to go in the mirror room because the last time I saw death. Salvador did enter the room and left finding nothing, but he did have a strange look on his face.

We did find a room that looked more like part of the library above. In it we found a crazy old scholar named Kazan. He had created the maze to protect the anchor book we were searching for. We found him to not be much help in our search, although he did find a few books we had been interested in finding while at the Library. As we continued our search for the anchor, we came across the most curious room of all. As soon as we entered the room, we were locked in. We tried for quite a while to figure a way out. The room was had eight stone pedestals that each held a bowl made of different materials. Inside each bowl we found a different liquid:

  1. Wooden bowl with dark red liquid that smelled of roses
  2. Platinum bowl with thick green liquid that moved like its top layer is algae or some form of aquatic plant
  3. Golden bowl with dirty, rust colored water
  4. Bowl made out of woven flower stems lined with live flowers with clear liquid inside
  5. Copper bowl filled with a clear liquid with two platinum pieces floating ON TOP of the water
  6. Bone bowl filled with a dark red liquid that smells like iron
  7. Stone bowl filled with a thick, dark grey liquid that has a paint-like consistency
  8. Iron bowl filled with a foamy, amber liquid

The only way to remove the liquid was by drinking a bowl. I decided to take charge and go first. I drank from the fourth bowl. I did not feel any different afterwards and nothing outside of me changed either. The others and our companions followed suit.

  • Silmarwen- bowl 4
  • Fáelán- bowl 8
  • Voreas- bowl 1
  • Salvador- bowl 5
  • Fox- bowl 2
  • Nolan- bowl 7
  • Raven- bowl 6

I didn’t notice any change in our companions, or in Salvador after drinking from our bowls. Nolan did seem a little strange, and he said he could feel the ground beneath him shaking when anyone moved. So these liquids do have some sort of power… This leaves me wondering what I have done to my companions and myself. After Nolan drank from his bowl, the doors unlocked and we were free to leave. We made it to the final room, and there was the Book of Acumen, the anchor we had been searching for! Finally our search of the maze was over we we found the book before evil Nolan had a chance.

When we left the room from the opposite door we entered from, we found ourselves back in the Kazan’s private library. The door was hidden in the library, making us feel like fools for not searching and making our time in the maze much shorter. We found Kazan again and he was glad to see that we had returned. The old scholar explained that the evil Nolan had burst into Kazan’s study and demanded the anchor, for which Kazan magically banished evil Nolan from the vault. He found the other books Nolan was looking for while we were gone. After all the excitement, we decided to stay in the library for a while so Nolan could study the books. Hopefully we can all rest easy for the short span of a good sleep and continue our search for the other anchors. I pray Sehanine watches over us as we sleep, leads us safely on our journey, guides my arrows to any foes, and grants me the patience to travel with the humans, especially Salvador.


Character Session EXP Total
Nolan 3333 15425
Salvador 3333 15400
Silmarwen 3833 15700

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