Wraiths of the Corvidae

Traps, Riddles, Demons, and a Gargoyle

Session 5

The group continued to explore the dungeon and found that it was largely comprised of traps.

  • A room with a glowing cube suspended from the ceiling via chains reversed gravity within the room when anything touched the cube. If an adventurer entered the room they would find themselves impaled on spikes in the ceiling.
  • A room with a glass ceiling dropped a gelatinous cube on anyone who attempted to remove a treasure chest which rested on a pressure plate.
  • A room which contained a large mirror would transport anyone who entered the room to a trapped space within the mirror.

Several important things occurred during the quest:

1. The group entered a room which had lettering on it that said, “Face your True Self.” Each individual saw an unnerving vision of themselves. After the visions had ended, they found a riddle scrawled on a piece of paper in the room.
Kukua saw herself wearing a black iron chain around her neck and sleek, black, leather armor. Tas stood behind her but he seemed very much undead, as he was a mass of black rotting skin and white bone. The vision then changed and Kukua saw herself standing on Thros’s city wall, looking at the Basilica of St. Rosalia.
Nolan saw himself wearing very lavish robes and a black iron chain around his neck. His raven looked undead much as Tas had been, and was a mass of feathers and bone. The vision changed and he saw himself studying books which seemed to cover the topic of resurrection.
Salvador saw himself wearing a black iron chain around his neck but had been mutilated. His limbs and eyes had been removed. Tubes of fluorescent fluid entered the places where his limbs had once been. His vision changed and he saw nothing but black but was able to hear himself rambling a long string of numbers with seemingly no pattern.
Silmarwen saw herself wearing a black iron chain around her neck and sleek black chainmail. She held a black bow in her hands. The vision shifted and she saw herself riding what looked to be a dire wolf through grasslands towards a forest.
The riddle read as follows:

‘Twas whispered in heaven, ’twas mutter’d in hell
And echo caught faintly the sound as it fell;
On the confines of earth ‘twas permitted to rest,
And the depths of the ocean its presence confest;
’Twill be found in the sphere when ’tis riven asunder,
Be seen in the lightning and heard in the thunder.
’Twas allotted to man with his earliest breath,
It assists at his birth and attends him in death,
Presides o’er his happiness, honour, and health,
Is the prop of his house and the end of his wealth;
In the heaps of the miser is hoarded with care,
But is sure to be lost in his prodigal heir.
It begins every hope, every wish it must bound,
It prays with the hermit, with monarchs is crowned;
Without it the soldier, the sailor may roam,
But woe to the wretch who dispels it from home.
In the whisper of conscience ‘tis sure to be found,
Nor e’er in the whirlwind of passion is drown’d;
‘Twill soften the heart, but, though deaf to the ear,
It will make it acutely and instantly hear;
But in short, let it rest like a delicate flower.
Oh ! breathe on it softly, it dies in an hour.

2. The group solved puzzles which granted them six faintly magical scrolls which seemed to be part of a riddle. They read as follows. The group has yet to find what they do, however.

I. Angelic food to folk I oft dispense,
II. While sounds majestic fill attentive ears,
III. Yet neither voice have I nor tongue for speech.
IV. In brave equipment of two wings I shine,
V. But wings withouten any skill to fly:
VI. One foot I have to stand, but not a foot to go.

3. Kukua sacrificed some of her blood into a fountain full of blood. The fountain then reached out and tore her arm off and replaced it with a metallic arm which seemed to have a mind of its own.

4. A large spider exited from a hidden door in a wall and attacked the group. It was quickly defeated, though.

5. Kukua and Silmarwen entered the mirror trap room mentioned above. Salvador and Nolan saw them in the mirror and were able to see an evil entity stalking them in the looking glass. Nolan threw a leg segment from the defeated spider at the mirror and it shattered. The evil entity appeared to the group and demanded that they bargain for their own lives. They traded Kukua’s metallic arm (for which she received a new, apparently normal one) and an unnamed favor from Salvador to be redeemed at a future time.

6. Silmarwen solved the riddle on the scroll was the letter H. The group then went to the letter H carved onto the floor of the dungeon and spoke it aloud. This caused a stairwell to open which had been previously hidden.

The group descended the stairs and found themselves faced by a stone gargoyle who greeted them warmly and introduced himself as, “the Architect.” He revealed that he was the architect and guardian of the dungeon and that the original purpose of the dungeon was to keep unwanted intruders from finding the record of the anchors. During the war with the Dread Lich, D’Sparil, however, the priests of the church had used it to trap some nefarious entities. He offered to show the group the record, but only under two conditions. First, the group must surrender any hammers that they had on their persons. To this the group agreed. Secondly, the party had to answer riddles for the Architect as he had grown bored and lonely in the centuries alone. To this, they also consented. With each riddle, the gargoyle unlocked a large door. The riddles were presented as such:

Each of us rules o’er a house of thirteen.
Each has a family: prince and a queen.
Each has a sigil; in times there is war.
And often our houses are built on the floor.

Answer: The kings in a deck of cards

I do not see; I cannot hear.
My only purpose: to cause fear.
I stand outside through rain and sleet.
The food I grow, I cannot eat.

Answer: A scarecrow

I do not see; I cannot hear.
My only purpose: to cause fear.
I stand outside through rain and sleet.
The food I grow, I cannot eat.

Answer: A scarecrow

As the pot did call his brother
So may we call one another
We did not fight; from war we fled
But feast we did on murdered dead.

Answer this riddle at the beginning
of the next session for extra EXP.
The fewer people who get it right,
the more EXP they’ll get.
Answer: Figure it out

When my mother comes to me,
I rise up off my bed to see.
Yet when she is farthest gone,
I still rise and carry on.
Once by day and once by night,
I may help travelers with their flight.
I am both blessing and a curse.
Use me up, for down is worse.

Answer: The tide

As the final door was opened, the group spied a pedestal in the center of a cubic room. The Architect explained that in order to see the record, they must press the button. Doing so, however, would activate an anti-magic field over the entire country of Thyria for two weeks. The group pressed the button and a bluish wave of energy emanated forth from the pillar. A wall of the cubic room was revealed to be an illusion, past which six pillars stood.

The stone gargoyle explained that he had been made tolerant to the anti-magic field in order to protect the record and then lead the group over to the pillars. On the ground near one of the pillars was a skeleton. The Architect then told of how two travelers had come to view the record many, many years ago. They deceived him, however, and tried to destroy the record with a heavy mallet. The Architect slew one but the other escaped. This was not before one whole record and part of another had been shattered, though. The remaining records were in the same strange language that Corvus and the Mysterious Stranger had used.


Character Session EXP Total
Kukua 950 7817
Nolan 950 8042
Salvador 950 8017
Silmarwen 950 7817

Experience Level Table


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